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Steroids are Bad News

Stress and How to Beat It

Steroids have become a sensation in the professional athletic and bodybuilding communities. Various steroids play various parts in one’s exercise routine. For example, some steroids help to build up muscle at an increasingly rapid rate. Others reduce swelling, allowing for increased muscle gain and generally boost athletic performance. However, both types of steroids are dangerous for a variety of reasons. This article will unpack why steroids are dangerous and how to spot someone who is using and abusing steroids.

Steroids mainly negatively impact our hormonal systems. When we engage in steroid use (whether male or female, though it is more common in males), we are at risk for serious hormonal imbalances. Men may develop breasts and have smaller testicles over time. Furthermore, they will have pain when they have an erection and ultimately may even become infertile and impotent (unable to have and maintain a healthy erection, regardless of their young age).

On the other hand, women who take these hormonal steroids also have severely negative effects. They may gross excess hair, on their face and body and have a reduced breast size. Their menstrual cycle may have issues and their voice may deepen, as their natural hormonal systems are being seriously thwarted.

Those are not the worst and most dangerous effects of using steroids. For both genders, the increased risk of heart attack occurs, as well as heart enlargement and malformations. Acne, balding, oily skin and mood swings, all based on the dramatic shifts in hormonal levels. Among the more terrible consequences, cancer and liver disease can also increase when we take steroids.

An easy way to spot someone on steroids is to note that they are incredibly lean and yet extremely bulky (beyond a natural amount). Especially muscles that would otherwise be less pumped are more notably under growth during someone’s steroid use. This includes the laterals, trapezius, pectorals, and deltoids, as well as some smaller regions of the upper parts of the arms. Our bodies should naturally fluctuate, gaining and losing fat while gaining, maintaining or losing muscle. When we inject our bodies with steroids, we give our body too many hormones and therefore cut ourselves off from our natural methods of physical fitness and equilibrium. If you know someone using steroids, tell them to stop immediately – this could save their life (and sex life, as many report regaining fertility and erections years after stopping – but only after stopping). Build your body naturally, and your body will thank you – as will your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Sophie Ellen