‘When the body gets working appropriately, the force of Gravity can flow through, then spontaneously, the body heals itself’ – Ida Rolf

Relax and Release

Need some much-needed pampering for a full day or a quick fix therapeutic massage? A|T  treats you gently and effectively with a variety of massaging techniques. At A|T we offer various massage programs and services by incorporating methods from around the globe to produce a releasing massage experience, using scientifically proven techniques such as Swedish and sports massage, aromatherapy, Foot Reflexology, and much more. We offer a relaxing environment and soothing ambiance that will have you coming back on a regular basis!

Massage is one of the oldest forms of the healing arts, revolving around the manual manipulation of the muscular structure and soft body tissues of the human body (including muscle, connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments) is an effective way to help soothe sore muscles. Massages also boost the immune system, flush toxins and improve blood flow, while releasing stress. Today, scientific studies show that massage therapy improves the function of the Lymphatic and Endocrine systems, regulating hormones and aiding in the prevention of muscular injuries while improving recovery from your workouts.

Massage, combined with fitness and a healthy diet are the keystones to emotional and physical well-being. Our massages at Atlas will fuel your physical, mental and emotional growth, releasing tension and helping all energy flow more dynamically.

All our therapists are highly qualified and professionally trained with a minimum of 3 years of prior experience and rave reviews. Also, we are fully licensed and use hygienic tools in complete accordance with international standards. Our massage rooms are private with separate reception, waiting and treatment rooms for each step of the process.

We look forward to tailoring a massage for you according to your body’s requirements and physical points of tension and stress, implementing techniques from all over the world.

Massage Therapists

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Delphine Picoty

Personal Trainer / Massage Therapist

As a former sports competitor, Delphine offers an extensive education and personal experience in the realms of fitness. She has been a successful personal trainer and health coach for over 15 years. Over the years she deepened her knowledge of human physiology through acquiring an education in massage therapy specializing in the areas of sport, energy, foot reflexology, pregnancy, Lomi Lomi, and wellness massage. Through her additional qualification as a physiotherapist, Delphine offers a truly holistic approach to body, mind, and wellness.

Delphine has worked in various health and wellness facilities across the globe. In her home country, France, she has created and managed a Wellness Center together with a team of like-minded therapists before she came to join Atlas Transformation.

Through her various professional training, multidisciplinary techniques and more than 15 years of experience in cooperation with doctors, physiotherapists, and osteopaths Delphine has developed her power of observation, in-depth sense of analysis, and the ability to pass that on to her clients in an integrative and healing manner.

That’s what our Massage Clients say


'The time I had with Sophie was precious. I experienced a deep connection that truly helped me move intense emotions that troubled me. I was able to bring light to shadows of grief I couldn’t experience on my own. Sophie held the space with me at my hardest times allowing me to truly expand not only to open up, but to allow whatever is coming up to simply unfold with no judgement. What was most healing for me was her wholehearted presence. She was always fully there honoring the tears, laughs, and frustrated sighs in my journey. Deeply grateful for this experience, I couldn’t have asked for a better coach to be with me at that time.'

— Shahad Altukhaim


Lucas has truly transformed my life from the inside and outside! I came in with posture problems from my computer-based job and I complained about my flabby stomach and chest. He helped me fix my posture and showed me the connection between these issues! I now have the chest and stomach of my dreams and feel great in my body!

— Ian Douglass


When I met Lucas the founder of Atlas I could hardly do 2 push ups in a row. Today my usual training routine looks like this: human flag, muscle ups, hand stand push ups, training with rings, ... I've been training with Lucas for the past 5 years and I only met a few individuals in my life so passionate about their jobs and with a dedication to making sure that their clients get the most of their investment. Listening to what he has to say and following his advises can only make you better. Today I'm thrilled to see him make his dream of owning his gym come true and I can assure you that any little details of that place from the showers to the training racks meet the only level he considers acceptable: perfection.

— Frederic Montagut