The Evolution of Wellbeing The Evolution of Wellbeing
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We have got some exhilarating group experiences in store for you which will not only challenge you physically, but also mentally and energetically.

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Integrated Personal Training

Our trainers create personalized programs that address not only body mechanics, stability, flexibility, and strength, but also challenges cognitive function, reaction, and coordination to unlock your full potential.

Clients can choose between different styles of training to target their physical health goals. These include Functional Training, EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation Training), Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Rehabilitation and Preventive Training, Posture Correction, Pain Relief, Muay Thai Boxing and Pre-Natal, Pregnancy and Post Natal Training.

Whether you want to lose weight, bulk up, get toned or just generally feel fitter and better in your body our trainers can help you get there!


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Get Fit with the Motivation of a Group

You can choose from wide-ranging, exciting group experiences designed for those of you who enjoy sweating as a team, boosting your morale and uplifting your health. We offer full body, high energy classes to work your entire body, as well as cardio, core, mind and body exercises, Atlas HIIT, Fit Boxing, Athletic Flow…. and many more! And that too in groups bestowing you with countless physical, mental and social benefits.

Our Group Experiences are small scale and never exceed 10 participants. We want you to receive the attention you deserve and not feel like you are getting lost in the crowd!

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The Way We Understand Coaching

Like everything in life, it is not what happens to you but how you respond to it that counts.” – Steve Backley


Although physical transformation is key to a life transformation, A|T does not only focus on the physical elements of becoming one’s best self but it also offers Life Coaching. A|T Life Coaching focuses on helping clients to clarify and achieve their goals by figuring out what they value, where they are, and where they are headed to in life. This clarity allows clients to take active steps towards making their dream goals a reality.


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Relaxation & Healing through Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the oldest forms of the healing arts. The manual manipulation of the muscular structure and soft body tissues of the human body (including muscle, connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments) is an effective way to help soothe sore muscles.


Massages also boost the immune system, flushes toxins and improves blood flow, while proving to be a powerful antidote for stress. Today, scientific studies show that massage therapy improves the function of the Lymphatic and Endocrine systems, regulating hormones and aiding in the prevention of muscular injuries.


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Food as Medicine

Proper nutrition is key to a healthier life. When the body is nourished with a clean plant based diet, it has the opportunity to tap into its own healing mechanisms and pave the way for a happier, healthier and disease free future.

At A|T we steer away from the mainstream framework of how nutrition is conventionally taught. We understand that the way we eat is such a deeply ingrained habit that it can be very hard to transform simply by being educated about ‘good’ and ‘bad’  food and the all ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’.

We recognize that everyone has their own bio-individuality and attachment to food and therefore, we will take an approach that addresses the habitual and emotional connection to food as well as basic nutrition education.

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Reshape your Brain with Neuroplasticity

Atlas Transformation also offers Neuro Light ‘brain massages’. The Neuro Light is an innovative technology, which has incredibly potent results. First of all, the Neuro Light creates mental wellness, based on connecting brain pathways that otherwise remain disconnected. The light and the accompanying audio from the lamp together coax your brain into better and higher states of total brain wellness. This amalgamation of light and soothing sound ‘feed’ and ‘exercise’ the brain through various sensory paths. All brain functions are fueled through the experience of the lamp. In addition, the brain skills improve through the lamp, increasing consciousness, alertness and mental lucidity.

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Group Class Schedule

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm
Atlas HIIT
18:30 pm - 19:15 pm
Hypnos Relax
18:15 pm - 19:15 pm
Body Art™
19:15 pm - 20:00 pm
Pasithea Flex & Stretch
12:00 pm - 12:30 pm
Atlas HIIT
18:00 pm - 19:00 pm
Kratos Cross Training
10:15 am - 11:15 am
Olymp Bootcamp
11:30 am - 12:15 pm
Pasithea Flex & Stretch


Lucas Vermot-Desroches

Trainer / Nutrition Coach / Group Instructor

Lucas understands himself as a health coach and not just a personal trainer. The value he offers to his clients goes beyond the training floor and develops not only the body but also the mind and emotional state. After a long and international career, he decided to settle in Zurich and impart his knowledge through creating his own platform, Atlas Transformation, together with his business partner Jenny.

Lucas passion for sports was ignited at six years old when he started practicing Judo. In his youth, he made his way through various styles of martial arts until he ended up in Mixed Martial Arts fights. Outside of the ring he first cultivated a strenuous bodybuilding routine for several years before realizing the limited functionality of the pumped up body. This realization was a defining moment for his career as a personal trainer. From that point, he invested all his focus into finding and developing an optimal training technique which builds the muscular system and enhances the body's function whilst being wholesome and holistic for the entire system. His method includes elements from calisthenics which are refined body-weight exercises that build more strength with natural muscle definition whilst developing the body's functionality on multiple planes to prevent potential pain, injuries and also defy the first signs of aging. Depending on the needs and goals of the client, he supplements the calisthenic movements with resistance training, plyometrics, CrossFit, kickboxing, stretching and trigger-point massage to correct, heal and build up the muscular system.

He received his education from the highly renowned National Academy of Sports Medicine, USA, and additionally from the English Institute of Sport, Milton Keynes. To further develop his education and give more value to his clients he also graduated with a Diploma as a Golf Fitness specialist and Rehabilitation and Posture Correction specialist.

Lucas has over 15 years of experience in sports and has worked and shared his knowledge in various cities across Europe and the United States.

Lucas is the A|T Head Trainer. Training with him incurs an extra charge of 20% on any package or abo.

Languages: English, French

Jennifer Winklhofer

Trainer / Nutrition Coach / Group Instructor

From the office to the training floor: instead of managing projects Jenny found her passion for helping other women tone their bodies and staying in shape before, during and after pregnancy. Her passion for health & wellness has driven her to create Atlas Transformation together with her business partner Lucas.

Jenny used to work as a power plate instructor in a small studio on the weekends in addition to her marketing job before she became a full-time personal trainer. Because of the good feeling in her own body and the improvements she observed in clients, she wanted to know all about anatomy and physiology of the human body and as well as nutrition. She studied fitness and nutrition at the renowned Glucker Kolleg and got certified as a personal trainer, nutritionist, and found her ultimate tool within the EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) machine.

During a sabbatical in the USA, she continued her fitness education and got certified at the famous EHS Pilates Institute San Francisco as a Pilates instructor. Being pregnant herself, she wanted to learn a save yet strengthening training method. Besides the Pilates teacher training program, she worked at The Dailey Method barre studio.

Back in Zurich she deepened her postnatal Pilates skills further at PilateSwiss and started working as a personal trainer full time whilst joining the Glucker Kolleg teacher team to educate EMS trainers in Switzerland.

Determined to physically empower women in all stages of life (regardless if they are mothers or not), she developed her own program to get and stay in shape. As a mother herself, Jenny understands the physical and emotional joys and challenges that arise during pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood. She recognizes that becoming a mother is a profound and transformative experience and is dedicated to empowering all pregnant women. She knows how to take care of potential postpartum issues such as split abdominals (diastasis recti), weak pelvic floor or the ‚mummy-tummy'.

She brings over 7 years experience as a personal trainer, group, and Pilates instructor, and nutritionist to her coaching. Jenny is AT's specialist for women's health and her first-hand knowledge of pregnancy, birth and motherhood make her a specialist for pre and postnatal women.

Languages: English, German

Alejandro Negreira

Personal Trainer / Group Instructor / Nutrition Coach

Alejandro is a confident and quiet motivator who believes in bringing out the best in others. He achieves this by guiding them with expertise and patience to help them reach their fitness and health goals in the agreed upon timeframe. He carefully crafts and executes all of his training sessions based on proven scientific evidence and tailored specifically to the individual needs of his clients.

Since early childhood, Alejandro has been very excited about movement which he explored through a variety of sports. Team sports have always engaged him the most and he found his true passion for playing football. Apart from the football field, he explored other sports such as basketball, hockey, running, karate, racket sports and many more. Because of his experience across various disciplines, Alejandro is able to design training programs supporting any type of sport.

Ultimately, it was his passion for football and movement that inspired him to seek out a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science from the University of La Coruña in Spain. However, once he started studying he began to put that aside and became more interested in the science behind fitness, sports performance, muscle growth, nutrition and health in general.

He has been a proud member of the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) since 2012. He offers over 4 years of experience in Personal Training. Currently, he is finishing a Masters degree in Sports Performance at the University of Madrid in association with the Spanish Olympic Committee.

Alejandro defines health as being able to live every day to its fullest until the very last day without any impediments from body or mind. He loves to see how his clients learn how to move well and watch them improve and grow whilst also teaching them how the human body works. His aptitudes are in the areas of sports performance, rehabilitation, re-adaptation, weight loss and nutrition for sports performance.

Languages: German, English, Spanish

Ash Unnsteinsdottir

Personal Trainer / Group Instructor

Áslaug Gudny Unnsteinsdottir, Ash for short, grew up in a small town in Iceland. There she started doing gymnastics at the age of four, while also trying football and basketball on the side. She then quit all of that at the young age of fourteen and decided to try swimming. She was a natural born swimmer and was supposed to try out for the Icelandic swim team for the Olympics in Brazil, but decided to go to college instead since that was a safe bet for the future.

She attended college in Reykjavík, studying English and the performing arts. Then the summer of 2015 she decided to get a personal trainer degree from the International science and sports association of America, ISSA.
Having dealt with eating disorders, since a young age until 2016, she has now found happiness in helping other people with body issues and insecurities.

She has now made it her goal to help people feel good and sexy in their own body, through exercise and a healthy diet. She lives by the saying healthy body, healthy mind and channels that into her training. She focuses on pilates, yoga, flexibility, and range of motion while helping the client get to know themselves, to feel better, to love their own body and themselves despite the looks.

Languages: English, Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian

Gary Rabie-Peters

Trainer / Group Instructor / Coach

"Aim for the moon, because if you miss, you will still land among the stars" With a zest for life, Infectious excitement, an upbeat aura of vibrant energy and a background in clinical psychology, in addition to a burning desire for continuous self improvement and empowering others to transform their lives; Gary joins the Atlas Transformation team as a trainer, health/mental coach, ketogenic diet enthusiast, and athlete. Gary combines training with motivation psychology.

Want that extra edge to go all the way? Then Gary is the trainer for you. It does not matter what level you are at - beginner or advanced. Gary assumes a Results Driven Purpose Focused Massive Action (RPM) approach while staying up to date with the latest scientific knowledge in sports medicine and self-improvement. His clients enjoy the mental coaching aspect of his training and his use of personal mantras & visualization which they find very motivating and inspiring. His training matrix is focused on a mix of rehabilitation training, pain relief as well as muscle building and fat loss (body recomposition-ing). He works with weights, calisthenics, Electro Muscle Stimulation, and High-Intensity-Interval-Training (HIIT) for peak conditioning and is passionate about nutrition especially related to lifestyle diseases (diabetes, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome etc).

“Whatever your goal is, it is about finding an emotionally compelling reason why you want to do it, why you must do it, and why you will do it! It is about taking responsibility for the authorship of our stories and having stewardship over our internal lives. You do not want to push yourself to do something because pushing implies going against resistance. What you want is a pulling reason, that will pull you towards achieving the desired outcome especially in the times when you do not want to do it. This is what flow is”. As an advocate for paradigm shifts in health and thinking, Gary’s purpose is to change lives by leading through an example of what is possible through transformation. “Transformation is 80% mental or mind over matter, and the other 20% is just doing it. The most important thing I learned on my own fitness and health journey was that reality can be warp according to our will and that if you want something bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen no matter what impediments and obstacles may come in your way.”

Languages: English, German, Dutch (moderate).

Delphine Picoty

Personal Trainer / Massage Therapist

As a former sports competitor, Delphine offers an extensive education and personal experience in the realms of fitness. She has been a successful personal trainer and health coach for over 15 years. Over the years she deepened her knowledge of human physiology through acquiring an education in massage therapy specializing in the areas of sport, energy, foot reflexology, pregnancy, Lomi Lomi, and wellness massage. Through her additional qualification as a physiotherapist, Delphine offers a truly holistic approach to body, mind, and wellness.

Delphine has worked in various health and wellness facilities across the globe. In her home country, France, she has created and managed a Wellness Center together with a team of like-minded therapists before she came to join Atlas Transformation.

Through her various professional training, multidisciplinary techniques and more than 15 years of experience in cooperation with doctors, physiotherapists, and osteopaths Delphine has developed her power of observation, in-depth sense of analysis, and the ability to pass that on to her clients in an integrative and healing manner.

Lea Fürer

Martial Arts Trainer / Group Instructor

This strong Lady will knock out anyone without the blink of an eye! She holds the Swiss Championship title for Amateur Thai Boxing and her extensive experience in the sport truly enriches the versatility of the A|T approach. She will work you hard…but working with her on the pads or on the boxing bag will inspire a new love for fitness within you! Her passion for martial arts is palpable in each and every one of her training making it truly contagious or her participants.

Lea discovered her passion for martial arts relatively late in life. After many years as an equestrian and in the teams for the volleyball she finally found her way to Savate - Boxe Francaise - at the age of 24. The speed and power of this discipline ignited a fire in her and after a few months training, Lea won the German championship title. After five years she changed paths to the traditional martial art of Thailand and Muay Thai became her main and passionate focus.

With Muay Thai she discovered a sport that marries strength, condition, and ordination at the highest level and in the end creates a connection to life that is simply incomparable. Lea is continuously competing and won the Swiss Championship an Amateur in Thai Boxing in 2017. Her passion for martial arts is palpable in each and every one of her trainings making it truly contagious for her participants.
The development of clean techniques is combined with other training elements in order to increase cardiovascular condition, speed, flexibility, and strength.

In the past two years, Lea worked as a part-time personal trainer focusing on kickboxing and traditional boxing. She is a certified Training for Warriors coach which has enriched repertoire with functional and strength training.

You will get to experience this perfect combination of classes such as Athena Kickbox Fit and or her Olymp Boot Camp. Apart from her sports endeavors, Lea also works as a sports journalist for the radio SRF, studies psychology and feels right at home as a Team Member of A|T.

Languages: German, English

Irene Jennifer Krucker

Personal Trainer / Life Coach

Her passion for bodywork was born when she started taking ballet lessons at the age of five. The finesse and preciseness of this sport have fascinated her right from the beginning. She found great pleasure in acquiring such detailed and controlled movement. Precision, controlled movement and patience have been motivating her ever since.

She graduated from the Film Academy in Munich where she deepened her knowledge in acting, martial arts and dancing. All of those disciplines helped her explore and experiment with various aspects of herself and others, ranging from various forms movement all the way to emotional delving. After years of acting experience in Zurich, she decided that sports and movements will be her lifelong companion.

Even after finishing business school this year, Irene‘s dedication to fitness, body control, and health has carried on. Her longtime experience enables her to assist clients in achieving their fitness & personal goals.

Her first coaching experience goes back to 2011 working as a swimming instructor in Uster for children for three years.

She has attended numerous self-development coaching and created a workshop in Zürich called 'The Woman Empowerment' program together with her California based mentor, Joya P. Gallasch. Through this self-exploration and growth process, Irene has learned a lot about health also from an emotional, spiritual and mental perspective and it became apparent to her just how important it is to maintain a healthy body, spirit and soul to be truly happy and fulfilled.

Languages: German, English

Michele Donath

Massage Therapist

For 24 years, Michele has explored the many modalities in the ever-expanding field of Bodywork. Her goal is to integrate her years of knowledge to design a personal treatment for each client. Her philosophy: "Everyone is unique. My approach must be as well."

Michele earned her degree as a Massage Therapist in 1994. After training in New York at the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy, she relocated to Israel to begin her career. Finding her talents in high demand in the exclusive 5 star resort hotels of Eilat, she gained valuable experience in all aspects of spa therapy.

In 1996, she moved to Zurich Switzerland, and started a new chapter in her life. For the following 2 years, her focus became Sports Injury and Pain Management, working with some of Zurich's top athletes. After the birth of her son, she devoted herself to working with children, and in 2003 became a Movement Instructor, teaching about cognitive and motor-skill development in early childhood.

Michele's skill set is impressive, to say the least. She is degreed in Shiatsu, Medical, and Swedish massage.
She has studied with Erik Dalton, creator of Myoskeletal Alignment Technique. The MAT system brings together the most advanced therapeutic strategies to relieve and aid in correcting patterns in the body that lead to pain and deterioration.

She has also earned a degree in Polarity Therapy, learning how to break through physical and mental obstructions, and working with clients to help restore balanced distribution of the body's energy.

Languages: English, German

Carol Bill

Trainer / Group Instructor

Carol’s passion for sports and movement has been present throughout her whole life. Everything started on the icefield where she was part of the figure skating junior team. ‘’Jump high in order to reach the sky’’ was the motto. Therefore, explosive, reactive and power strength played an important role. Balance, stability, body control and movement have now become the main elements in her daily training sessions.

She was able to develop them, even more, when she became a dancer and dancing teacher (jazz dance, ballet, street dance, Latin American dances). It requires a lot of flexibility, coordination and a good body feeling – and the best thing: it just makes you happy!

Happiness is one of the most important components to her in life and brought her to the point where she’s now: at Atlas Transformation.

During the last few years, she had already been working part-time as passionate Fitness, Group Fitness (HIIT, AthleticFlow (HIIT & Yoga), Bootcamp, Bodypump, Bodyshape etc.) and Personal Trainer. Working together with people, motivating them to achieve their goals and just make them feel good, has made her every day. That’s why she decided to quit her main job in the financial sector last summer 2017 and fully focus on her clients. Being able to see all these big-smile- happy-faces after a great and sweaty workout session were more than worth it. Being part of the Atlas Transformation’s approach to evolving every client’s wellbeing, corresponds exactly with her ideal training philosophy and makes her a proud member of the team.

Languages: German, English

Racha Fajjari

Group Instructor / Life Coach

Strength is found in serenity... After over 10 years of self-employment, travelling the world and 7 years of motherhood she knew she had to find a way back, back to herself, back to serenity, back to inner peace and she found that the motto is: Sometimes less is more!

After graduating with a Bachelor in Business Administration she knew that there’s a YIN and YANG to life. So went on to pursue her certificates in Energy Healing, Relaxation Training, Meridian- and Chakra balance from the holistic medicine school LOTZ in Munich. While she was living in Munich she opened a relaxation studio where she practiced mediation, relaxation training, coaching and yoga.

“We have to teach our body and mind that relaxation is the most natural and important state for us to achieve - every day!” says Racha… Because within peace and serenity you’ll find the power to cope with life and all it’s challenges. In her Relaxation Training, Racha teaches several types of relaxation techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, autogenic training, PMR (Progressive muscle relaxation by Edmund Jacobson), Self-Healing Methods, and much more.

Racha beliefs that if we make sure our energetic body is healthy and energy is flowing, we can reach the state of optimal health and fully experience the potential of our mind and body. Besides her relaxation coaching she also offers her “Personal Energy Management” Coaching where you learn all about your energetic body, your energy centers and how to handle your thoughts and emotions. Our body and mind have a tremendous and fascinating potential which we need to discover in order to live life to the fullest.

In her coaching sessions, she works with several tools and techniques such as Affirmations, Aromatherapy and etc., depending on the personality, energy, and needs of her clients.

Languages: English, German